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NEW! collapsible poultry/turkey baskets and frames 

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Collapsible turkey
collapsible poultry
Model Two Open Sides (TOS)
Chaper and lighter. Baskets are stacked and must be destacked one by one one to load and unload birds or can slide one on top of the other. Less tare is hauled.
Model Baskets Frame (BF)
Open top baskets are separate one by one in the metal frame and baskets slide in/out the metal frame to load/unload the bird
Collapsible for overseas shipments.
Easy assembling at destination.
Perforated or solid bottom.
Available also length cms. 97 for small trucks.
Sizes (cms.): 108x58x27 (chickens) 108x58x42 (turkeys)

Model Multi "T"


MULTI 100 "T" and 110 "T" Collapsible Turkey Baskets
Collapsible plastic turkey Baskets suitable also for ducks and geese Size : cms. 97 x 58 x 42 (MULTI 100 "T") Or 108 x 58 x 42 (MULTI 110 "T") Collapsible to save freight charges from our production plants. Loading and unloading through the Open Top to reduce damages and bruising to birds, and for quicker times of operations. Baskets can be used simply stacked or in metal frames like "drawers". Less tare on trucks as Baskets have no lid. Lid available for top Basket in the frames or for the stack/row. Available also with solid bottom.Easy washing, good air flow.

Model Multi with solid bottom



MULTI with solid bottom
All Baskets MULTI, OPEN TOP, NO SIDE GATES available in sizes:
Cms. 97 x 58 x 27 = Style MULTI 100
Cms. 97 x 58 x 42 = Style MULTI 100 "T"
Cms. 108 x 58 x 27 = Style MULTI 110
Cms. 108 x 58 x 42 = Style MULTI 110 "T"
Are available also with solid bottom.

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